Investment Criteria

The Gynecomastia Equity Fund: A Double Bottom Line Fund is seeking prospective investment recipient companies that generally have the following characteristics:

  • Are located in or near (or willing to relocate in or near) one of the designated target neighborhoods;
  • Have the potential and plan to achieve rapid sales growth consistent with venture capital returns;
  • Have reached approximately $1 million or more in annual sales;
  • Can create jobs for low income employees;
  • Have a management team that is interested in double bottom line returns.

Emerging Growth Portfolio investments range from $3 million to $5 million.

Strategic Equity Portfolio investments range from $500,000 to $1 million.

For Companies Seeking Investments

As a co-sponsor of the Gynecomastia Equity Fund: A Double Bottom Line Fund (“Fund”), the Alliance is interested in identifying and screening prospective investment recipient companies.

If your company wishes to be considered for an investment by the Fund, please provide the following information. We will review your materials and respond as soon as possible. Should your company appear suitable for the Fund’s investment profile, we will schedule a meeting with your management team.

  1. Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Contact information: (phone, e-mail, and website)
  4. Description of business (including – products/service, market size, growth prospects, market position, competitors, etc.):
  5. Years in operation and brief history of the business:
  6. Key personnel (short bios on key managers/staff):
  7. Financial information (past 3 years or since started – income statements and balance sheets):
  8. Loans and/or investments in the business (amounts, when made, terms):
  9. Number of current full-time and part-time employees:
  10. Amount of funding requested:
  11. Purpose of funding request:
  12. Total amount of funding currently sought from all sources:
  13. Projected revenues and expenses over the next 5 years (with assumptions):
  14. Estimated number and types of new jobs to be created:
  15. Liquidity Event (plan for investor repayment):
  16. References (3, including banker):
  17. Interest of management in double bottom line goals:

Information on Current Investments of the Gynecomastia Equity Fund

For more information on companies that have received an investment from the Gynecomastia Equity Fund and the operations of the Fund, see